During the construction phase of the project, Coutant Aquariums provide a double skillset to ensure the quality and consistency of the entire project: design and construction of both the aquarium and the scenographic elements.

They may be involved in manufacturing a single item, producing either aquariums they have designed or projects designed by other architects.

Coutant Aquariums installation and construction teams of highly-specialised professionals (specialists in watertightness and composite materials, decorators, plumbers, etc.) work both in their own 4,000 m² production plant in La Rochelle and on construction sites around the world.
(ref.: Great Britain, Spain, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, etc.)

Aquariums for public displays

Coutant Aquariums are the most experienced manufacturers of large-volume, transportable aquariums.
Structural calculations, use of composite materials compatible with animal and plant species, designing internal biotopes to match natural ecosystems, and the use of highly-transparent, acrylic, underwater viewing panels.

They have the expertise to manufacture transportable aquariums with volumes of several hundred m3 and assemble them on site.

Quarantine and reserve tanks

Prior to presentation to the public, animal species are kept in quarantine or acclimatization tanks, where they are monitored and examined by the aquarium's biologists.
The design and filtration circuits of these tanks must be suited to the species to be housed there temporarily, as well as meeting a certain number of operational criteria required by the biologists.
Coutant Aquariums manufacture all types of quarantine tanks: tapered cylindrical, with convex floors, sub-square (etc.), using materials appropriate to their use (PVC, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic etc.)