La Rochelle Aquarium, France

Managed by the Coutant Group

Inaugurated in April 2001, this is one of the largest private aquariums in Europe.

The tour, lasting over 2 hours, takes visitors on a voyage through the world's oceans: the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Tropics show off their colourful and amazingly-shaped life forms, encouraging visitors to dream and learn about the sea, gradually coming to understand it.
With 12,000 sea creatures to discover, every visitor is invited to revel in the beauty of marine biodiversity: from fragile jellyfish … to fascinating sharks.
La Rochelle aquarium expresses a brother and sister's passion for the sea: Pascal Coutant (President of the COUTANT Group) and Roselyne Coutant Bénier (GM of the COUTANT Group) designed it to carry on the long-standing tradition of Coutant Aquariums in La Rochelle, dating back to the 1960s.
La Rochelle aquarium, designed, constructed, and funded by the Coutant Group, is one of the leading lights in European aquariology, showcasing the group's recognised expertise in the conservation and study of marine species, the management of technical installations, and welcoming the general public.

La Rochelle Aquarium in figures:

  • A building with a surface area of 8,414 m²: 6 times larger than the previous one
  • Built by the n°1 European aquarium construction firm: Coutant Aquariums
  • 3,000,000 litres of seawater and 73 display aquariums
  • 150 quarantine aquariums and 18 km of piping
  • 1 shark aquarium 10 m deep, filled with 1.5 million litres of sea water
  • Over 12,000 animals and 600 different species
  • A 450 m² tropical glasshouse with over 130 species
  • 800,000 visitors per year (Mo) , including 13,500 school children attending educational activities
  • 1st tourist site in Charente-Maritime
  • 6th most-visited tourist attraction in France
  • 14 million € annual impact on the local economy

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