Interior Design

Rational organisation of space

The heart of a public aquarium is the tour route

It is defined mainly by the theme chosen for the aquarium, the key element in visitor satisfaction and, therefore, the basic factor for success.


The future efficient operation of the aquarium depends on optimised organisation of services and facilities.

Financial feasibility

This is ensured by close monitoring of the budget imperatives agreed with the end client. The financial health of the aquarium is dependent on this rigorous approach. Coutant Aquariums have unrivalled experience in this field and their design teams develop these three themes simultaneously, with the objective of ensuring that the tour route is:

  • Progressive,
  • Innovative,
  • Dynamic,
  • Sensational,
  • Educational.

Aquariums designed to meet the needs of all types of visitors

An aquarium may be an eye-opening experience for the general public and a learning environment for schoolchildren, as well as a research facility for scientists. To incorporate all these criteria in the design phase, Coutant Aquariums fields a team including designers, scenographers, biologists, engineers, and finance specialists.