Water treatment system

Faithful reproductions of ecosystems

The first priority in reproducing a natural environment (open ocean, coral reef, polar pack ice, continental river, etc.) is to obtain the accurate physico-chemical characteristics of the water in the tanks.
Coutant Aquariums specialised design and engineering office, with their high-level expertise in filtration systems for tanks containing all types of ecosystems, and experience in managing public aquariums (particularly La Rochelle aquarium in France), design, manufacture, and install water treatment systems adapted to the specific animals and plants concerned (mechanical and biological filtration, bactericides, centralised technical management, etc.).
The technical installation teams (plumbers, construction superintendants, and site foremen) install filtration systems all over the world and offer the following guarantees:
  • Advanced technology and technical and biological efficiency of the filtration systems installed.
  • Systems designed for easy maintenance by the aquarium management (see training tab).