Interior and exterior decoration

When art mimics nature

The Group Coutant teams (Coutant Aquariums for the biological criteria and Alter Ego for the scenographic elements) work together to design and produce underwater/ open-air decoration, taking the following into consideration:

  • A sensational presentation
  • The capacity of the animals to adapt to the aquarium
  • Faithful reproduction of the ecosystems
  • Consistency of the various aspects:
    - decoration and tank filtration
    - decoration and tank lighting
    - materials used in the decorations and the required physico-chemical characteristics of the water

The combined skills of Coutant biologists, artists, sculptors, mould makers, and hydraulic technicians are entirely focused on producing a successful aquarium decor.

Alter Ego use a variety of techniques to create these decors:

  • casting from natural sites
  • use of urethane resin
  • polyurethane
  • polyester
  • silicone
  • sculpture using thixotropic mortar